Dan Sommer

My experiences

Bite-sized wisdom

Soldier, Security Officer, Security Consultant, Pastor

Dan´s 25-year professional career in military, security and counter terrorism took him around the world where he taught at police and military academies and worked on security related projects in 17 countries on 4 continents including Mexico, Yemen, Saudi, Lebanon, Singapore, Hong Kong and Djibouti. Dan is a certified combat medic, close protection officer and counter terrorism expert. He is also the author of four manuals in the field of counter terrorism and protection. He has consulted on K&R cases in Mexico and worked on Piracy cases in the Gulf of Aden as well as consulting on K&R response guidelines for corporations operating in Afghanistan and Nigeria. In 2011 Dan decided to change his life path and after obtaining diplomas in Ministry, Biblical Studies and Pastoral Counselling he took on a full-time role as the Pastor of the Apostles Church Beth-Shekhinah in Iceland. In his Pastoral role he has acted as both prison counsellor and PTSD counsellor to abuse and rape victims.

My Mission


"I am Dan Sommer, Pastor, Motivator and Philanthropist on a mission to have a positive effect on the world, through motivating and empowering people worldwide."​​

  1. "It is in the darkest hours that the stars shine brightest."

  2. "Every single crisis began as an incident, but only mismanaged incidents become a crisis."

  3. "Good ideas are evolutionary, but great ideas are revolutionary."